Interactive meeting with Karachi newsmen at AfK

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Karachi newsmen from major city newspapers have been invited on May 5 at Alliance française de Karachi for a short interactive meeting meant to give them the heads up on the management’s plans for the upcoming months at AfK.

Few important things were thus discussed :

The enigmatic and late discovery of an AfK French language proficiency certificate (kindly provided by Dr. Setna, one of the first AfK graduated students) that proves that the French cultural centre was already open and active back in 1954, and which makes it this year its 60th anniversary. Not at all its 50th as previously announced!

Of course, all the main upcoming cultural events for the summer.

The launch later on this month of the French as a Foreign Language quality label for teachers, a nationwide training plan and teaching certificate provided by the Embassy of France in Pakistan, in which the AF Pakistan network is involved as an operator and FFL expert.

Last but not least, has been discussed as well the building of the new facilities for artists, journalists, teachers and scholars residencies, for which a fundraising campaign is currently running and has already encountered the support of prominent karachiite and international corporates.


newsmen at AfK


Alliance française de Karachi, May 5 : Director Alliance Française Jean-François Chénin, Deputy Director Laurent Elisio Bordier, General Secretary Muhammad Iqbal Bhimla,  snapped with city newsmen following an interactive meeting.