Karachi Children’s Art-Fest

From 25 to 26 January

Goethe Institut
Children’s festival

Karachi Children’s Art-Fest
25 & 26 January 2014
organized by Art Chowk
at Goethe Institut

During this Art-Fest, Alliance française de karachi offers screening of three recent French Animation Movies

25 January – 2.15-4.00 pm 26 January – 10 am- noon 26 January – 3.15-5.15 pm
MIA ET LE MIGOU by Jacques-Rémy Girerd, 2008 (Age Group:5+) L’ILLUSIONNISTE by Sylvain Chomet, 2010 (Age Group:5+) LE TABLEAU by Jean-François Laguionie, 2011 (Age Group:5+)
Mia is a girl of only ten years. Alerted by a premonition, she decided to leave her native village somewhere in South America to go in search of his father. It works on a gigantic project to transform a tropical forest into a luxurious aparthotel. The long road to regain … The Illusionist, can only see that now belongs to a category of artists endangered. Contract proposals is becoming more and more scarce, he then resigned to occur in small theaters, cafes and a pub in the village on the west coast of Scotland, where he meets Alice, … A castle, flower gardens, a threatening forest, this is what a painter, for mysterious reasons, left unfinished. In this table live three kinds of characters: Toupins that are fully painted, the Pafinis with missing some colors and Reufs that are only sketches.

and Piano Recital (A piano Lesson) by Aisha Tariq is proposed Saturday 26 January / 11.00 am-1.00 pm (venue : Foyer)

  • For more information:
    Goethe Institut 021-35661633-6
    Artchowk 021-35300481-2
    Alliance française 021-35873402