Equality and Diversity

Muriel de Saint Sauveur has been working for Mazars for 20 years. Today she is the director of the International Marketing and Communications Agency and is also Goup Diversity director. She leads a team dedicated to the integration of new countries, advises countries on their marketing and communication strategy and is also in charge of the implementation of Mazars’ global policy including parity and diversity.

In 2011, she published the book “A women’s world, a better world?” where she interviewed 100 women from 33 countries, asking them what would they change in the world if they had the power.

Muriel de Saint Sauveur will give, at the AfK, a lecture on Equality and Diversity in France at AfK Friday 20 September – 6:00 pm. The debate will be moderate by Hidayat Hussain.

Muriel de Saint Sauveur will give also a lecture at the 4th LadiesFund Entrepreneurship Conference will be held Saturday 21st September from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at Marriot Marquee (Karachi) in partnership with the Higher Education Commission, French, German, Indonesian and British Consulates. For more information : LadiesFund Website

Equality and Diversity in France – Alliance française de Karachi.


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